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Interior Redesign  is the concept of rearranging and repurposing your own furniture, accessories & artwork to give it a refreshing and functional new look!

SSS will help revitalize the d├ęcor of your  home by working with your existing furniture and decorative items.   We will also introduce fun ideas like new wall colors, area rugs, window treatments, etc.

Our goal is  to  bring  happiness and comfort  into our client's surroundings.

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   The Importance of Home Staging

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Home Staging

Home Staging should always be viewed as an INVESTMENT instead of an expense. It's a smart investment by having your property beautifully prepared to sell by a professional.  Staging is an effective marketing tool that will transform your home to STAND OUT from the competition and attract multiple buyers.

Home Stagers are trained to look at your home through the "Eyes of a Buyer."  They have the special know-how for making wise suggestions such as de-cluttering, neutralizing, re-arranging your existing furniture & adding  stylish  touches to enhance your home's overall marketability.

SSS has the expertise to look at your home with a fresh new perspective, anticipating what a  buyer will think and will advise practical solutions.

Most importantly...  staging will help prevent your home from lingering on the market a long time and help you avoid burdensome monthly carrying costs such as: mortgage, taxes, insurance, utilities,  plus  painful price reductions.   An investment in staging is always less than the first price reduction.  

Today's savvy home buyers are using the Internet to shop for homes.  If yours does not present very well in pictures, buyers are apt to visit other homes instead.  Your pictures need to have the WOW factor to attract buyers.


SSS is completely committed to help homeowners through the process of fully preparing their most important investment for sale,  "their home."

We  believe a great presentation of your home will produce great results!

Interior Redesign

50 Smithfield Road, Waldwick         

Total Days on Market - 28

30 Brandon Road, Midland Park

Total Days on Market - 12

216 N. Central Avenue, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 31

264 Grove Street, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 9

136 Myrtle Avenue, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 22

9 Woods Road, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 16

19 White Terrace, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 22

25 North Street, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 22

270 Morse Avenue, Wyckoff

Total Days on Market - 36

20 Oak Ridge Road, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 13

44 Manor Drive, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 27

12 Column Court, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 30

45 Kelleher Avenue, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 43

44 Manor Drive, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 27

5 Buckingham Drive, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 12

24 Hopper Terrace, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 21

36 Manor Drive, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 16

141 Morton Drive, Ramsey

Total Days on Market - 31

            Proudly serving clients in Bergen, Essex and Morris Counties, New Jersey

                                          and Rockland County, New York

Home Staging  is the art of marketing a home to showcase its best features and minimize its least desirable ones to help make it stand out beautifully from all the competition. Staging effectively used with Feng Shui  will enhance your home to sell more quickly and acquire top dollar.

Buyers will make a decision on whether or not they like a home within the first 10 seconds. Staging is an important first step to selling your home successfully.

SSS is committed to guiding homeowners through a stress-free process of preparing their most important investment for sale so they can MOVE FORWARD onto a new and exciting chapter of their lives!

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Simon Staging Solutions, LLC based in Ramsey, New Jersey is a Home Staging  & Interior Redesign company providing diverse decorating services. 

SSS serves clients in Bergen County, New Jersey.

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