• CONSULTATION                                                                                                           We will visit your home and spend up to two hours walking together with you through each room and recommend smart solutions to showcase your home beautifully and make it more appealing to multiple buyers.  This will also be a working session and we will make some decorative transformations as we go along.  Ideas for creating great curb appeal for the exterior of your home will also be discussed.  Detailed notes will be taken and prioritized for you.  We also provide  useful resource information on handymen, painters, storage facilities, moving companies, etc., plus a check list  on how to maintain your home to look picture perfect while its for sale.  After our initial meeting, an Action Plan will be given to you to decide whether you wish to handle all the multiple tasks on your own or have SSS caringly manage the entire project.  We will also establish a suitable timeline for your project to be completed.  Please call Esther Simon at 201.819.9534 to discuss estimates for a consultation.                                       
  • STAGING FOR FURNISHED HOMES                                                                          SSS will help guide you through the process of preparing your home for sale by making it a less stressful and very pleasant experience for you.  We will objectively look at your home through the "Eyes of a Buyer" and try to work with your existing furniture, accessories and artwork to make your home be more inviting and marketable.  This is successfully achieved by helping you de-clutter and re-position your furniture to revitalize  your living space and make it appear larger.  We are skillfully trained to look at a home's best architectural features and maximize them while minimizing less desirable ones.  We apply our knowledge of Feng Shui to our staging techniques for creating positive energy flow and a harmonious look. SSS believes a GREAT PRESENTATION of your property will produce GREAT RESULTS!
  • STAGING FOR VACANT HOMES                                                                               An empty home  typically is not easy to sell.  It gives a sad appearance and is not warm and inviting.  Without furniture or decorative accessories, a home is "without a soul."  There are no emotional connections thus making it difficult for a potential buyer to envision themselves living there. They must be romanced by showing them the beautiful possibilities of how their potential new home can look all dressed up and shown off to its fullest potential.  Also, some buyers cannot visualize their furniture in an empty room and are perplexed where to place their sofa or TV.    We can help them along by showcasing the home with tasteful and trendy rental furniture as well as decorative accessories. SSS works with local furniture rental companies plus we have our own inventory of decorative accessories & artwork that can be rented to you for a minimal charge.   Read Article           
  • NEW CONSTRUCTION                                                                                                     SSS will rent trendy furniture, decorative accessories and artwork suitable to the style of the home or model unit, keeping in mind the target audience.  Our goal is to help Builders/Investors showcase their property to its greatest potential to attract multiple buyers and motivate them to fall in love with the warm and welcoming environment, plus imagining themselves living there!  When working with SSS, no detail will be overlooked.  We know how to meet deadlines and will try our best to work within your budget.  Please call Esther Simon at 201.819.9534 to discuss estimates for getting your property show ready!
  • INTERIOR REDESIGN                                                                                                      Does your home décor need sprucing up?  SSS enjoys working with homeowners to make them feel happy and comfortable about their living environment.  Sometimes a décor can get tired looking over the years and needs to be livened up!  So many simple yet stylish touches can help update the look of your home and make it be more functional at the same time.  We can work with your existing furnishings and suggest introducing new draperies, throw pillows or decorative accessories to perk up your space.  These are just a few of many examples.  After getting to know you and understanding your likes and dislikes about your surroundings, we will present our best ideas to you!  SSS also provides a shopping service for those that do not have the time to shop, whether it's for a new piece of furniture or artwork. We will try to save you money by utilizing our designer discounts wherever possible. 
  • COLOR CONSULTATION                                                                                                 What a world of difference a new color of paint on your walls can make in a room!  It's the most inexpensive and quickest way to transform the overall look and feel of a room plus the exterior of a house.  SSS will help guide you to having a home that reflects your spirit and individuality!  Choosing the right colors will make you feel happy around your environment.  Don't be afraid to part with your neutral walls and try colors that are more daring.  Take cues from your wardrobe for colors that appeal to you the most and surround yourself with them.  SSS can assist you with selecting the best colors whether they be for your walls, furniture, cabinets or front door and shutters.  We will start the fun process by bringing you a vast array of color choices and then narrow them down.  Large color samples can be obtained to help you make a final decision that you will feel comfortable with.  We will also recommend reliable and good painters. 

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                 Home Staging & Interior Redesign


Simon Staging Solutions, LLC


SSS takes great pride in being a "customer-oriented company" and provides the following services for

                                         Homeowners, Realtors, Builders, Investors & Office Owners

  • CONSULTATION                                                                                                         SSS will visit your office and spend up to two hours walking through your entire space and evaluate all your needs.  We will determine  how to accomplish making your work environment more updated looking and at the same time help it achieve optimum functionality.  Detailed notes will be taken and prioritized for you.   We will discuss your timeline for completing the project and will work within your budget.  SSS will recommend handymen, painters, carpet installers, electricians, plumbers, etc.  Please call Esther Simon at 201.819.9534 to discuss estimates.
  • REDESIGN                                                                                                           For your office makeover, SSS will offer our best recommendations for new choice of wall colors, artwork, carpeting, window treatments, furniture and lighting to showcase your office environment to its fullest potential.  We will also use our knowledge of Feng Shui with all our decorating techniques.  Our goal  is to make a wonderful first impression on your visitors plus create a very attractive and  comfortable work atmosphere for your employees.  This will ultimately make them feel good about working in their refurbished environment and help increase productivity.  A win-win situation for everyone!